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This will be his face when he first meets me, like "who let this psyco chick in the meet and greet??" Hahaha

It was a very sad tragedy, but now we have a new legend. Who will guide us through our worries. :) <3

As you grow older and I do too, nothing will ever make me stop loving you and being thankful for what you do for me daily while I am growing up. <3

I have been believing that I will meet him but I know I never will. But he told me to believe and never say never so I will keep believing and never stop.

I always want to see that big smile if I ever meet him (which will never happen) I just want too see him smile and be happy

Yessssss still waiting for my turn to meet him☺️


Biebs Girl ∞ on

Seriously adorable! She's so lucky OMB