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So for all the finger pointing, & all the people who are hoping ACA will fail, take a look at the number of people who are now COVERED WITH HEALTH INS. WHO HAVE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS who were PREVIOUSLY DENIED...Now, tell me how it is a failure. The number of new enrollees does NOT include the millions who have already benefited from the ACA.

Have you wondered at all why Fox News has not done much with reporting against Common Core? Well, here is one MAJOR reason. Rupert Murdoch is poised to make A LOT of money off of Common Core: Exposed: How Murdoch, Bill Gates and Big Corporations are Data Mining our Schools

All My Great Ideas Are Really From Pinterest.** ** I need to follow suit and actually MAKE something from all my PINS!!! Brilliant!!

My top three discipline tips

1. Understand where your child is developmentally. 2. Be Consistent 3. Try the Consequences Approach

Stand up against racial stereotypes.

Stand up against racial stereotypes. wow laughed way harder than i should have at this