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SUZY PARKER 1950's supermodel & actress, (vintage european postcard) was the first model to make more than $100 an hour and $100,000 a year. A cover-girl famous for her red hair, was a favorite of Coco Chanel and photographer Richard Avedon. Appeared in Funny Face in 1957, & The Best of Everything with Joan Crawford in 1959. At the height of her popularity, she was known as the most photographed woman in the world. (please follow minkshmink on pinterest) #supermodel #suzyparker #fashionmodel

Scarlett O'Hara shot the Yankee that busted into the house at Tara and intended on robbing (and maybe raping) the family members. That was during the last days of the Civil War, after Sherman's troups had trashed Georgia and there were rogue Northern deserters running around continuing to do damage. One reason that it was good Scarlett was armed and knew how to shoot.

A very drunk Rhett Butler tells Scarlett, "this is one night you're not turning me out!" Clark Gable did not carry Scarlett up the stairs. He had a bad back and had to use a double for the take.