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Homemade Cough Drops

Feeling sick? These natural homemade cough drops are my go-to when I’m fighting a cold. Made with natural ingredients like raw honey which is known to help suppress coughing and immune boosting coconut oil you can't go wrong with this natural alternative! | coconut oil | raw honey

I feel so ready for this year .......and that is just not like me! Usually, I am cautious or skeptical of what the new year MAY hold. But I am finally learning some lessons that are giving way to freedom, even confidence. Why not drop by to discover what I'm learning?

Skinny Funfetti Cake

Today’s been “one” of those days. It all started when my alarm went off and had to get the kids up for school. Kallen wasn’t feeling well and Kelsey was having hair troubles. ( Insert *eye roll*) So I was late dropping them off to school, which meant I was running late to my dental... Read More »

Would You Like to Overcome FEAR in 2017?

As we launch out into another year, there are a myriad of emotions that come into play. For some of us, there is excitement. For others, there's a sense of relief that 2016 is over. Or, you may have feelings of uncertainty, fear, and possibly even dread. Here are some words of inspiration & motivation to encourage you to overcome fear this year. Why not drop by for a visit?

Lololol so I guess they aren't exactly cute little angels... huh...

Drops-of-Awesome-- this is a must read -- great boost for all of us just trying our best to be our best. Really.

My favorite spray of all time!! My kitchen always smells and feels so clean!! 10 drops each lemon, onguard, and purify in a glass spray bottle and fill with water.. Shake and spray counter tops and wipe!! I also had a few sprays in the air Talk about an all purpose natural cleaning spray!!! It's a must have!!