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At homecoming my bf and I did this (and we basically are all of my OTPs) so I thought of this and NOW I'M FEELING THINGS AND I CAN'T BREATHE

oh for Fritz's sake... Is this Russia VS America..? <<I SENSE RUSSAME<<< you definitely sense russame

i'm british and i definitely haven't ever heard of that meaning but this is honestly hilarious

((What do you mean it's not canon?))

((What do you mean it's not canon?))

What Do You Mean It's Not Canon? [DISCONTINUED] - Yes Spain

Oml.<< why this, it's 1:00 am in the morning currently wtf am I doing with my life. I'm going to sleep

Or things that people you like have in common with them

I honestly started crying...Everyone needs to read this, whether you watch Hetalia or not.