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Google Fiber Reviews Pouring in as Service Added to Four Cities – | Me, Myself, and Robot – While most of us are stuck worrying about internet neutrality, Google Fiber is speeding up access for those lucky enough to have it. Fiber, originally introduced in Kansas City, provides ultra high-speed internet and TV services to a growing number of... #google #googlefiber #highspeedinternet

Google Translate English to Spanish? Magical New Google App is Here! – | Me, Myself, and Robot – Get ready to wet your pants. A smartphone app lets you Google Translate English to Spanish–and a number of other languages–simply by pointing your phone at the string of text. It’s called Word Lens. This is the crazy, magical Word Lens in action... #google #translation #wordlens

The Future of Video Games: Streaming, Kinect, and More! – | Me, Myself, and Robot – Not all of us are gamers, but we don’t have to be involved in order to be intrigued. Some of the technology we’ll see in the future is being pulled directly from the video game industry, and while most of us are squarely focused on companies like Google and Apple, others might... #kinect #microsoft #nvidia

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Lenovo's new transparent smartphone, the Zuk could transform the industry and renew dying interest in mobile technology.

Hyperloop Technologies is a company that could revolutionize the way goods and people get from place to place, but how soon until we see the technology?

Bluetooth Technology Applications: 5 Ways M2M is Improving Life – | Me, Myself, and Robot – Machine to Machine technology–or M2M–is rapidly changing the way we live our lives on a day-to-day basis. Here are five ways that M2M and Bluetooth technology applications are improving our standard of living. 5) Data Analysis Long ago, it... #amazonecho #automation #bluetoothtechnologyapplications

Seagate lanza un disco duro de 8 TB por 260 dólares

Keeping Moore’s Law Alive: How to Replace The Silicon Computer Chip – | Me, Myself, and Robot – According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors on a computer chip will double about every two years. Most informed people know that researchers are quickly closing in on the physical limitations of the silicon computer chip. This leaves most of us... #carbonnanotube #graphene #moore'slaw

NASA και ESA μαζί, Orion αποστολή στη Σελήνη το 2017 [video].

DIY Retailer Clothing Repair Secrets

Ever wondered how retailers keep clothes looking great after makeup, deodarant stains, picks and piles. Here are the secrets I learned to repairing clothes based on my time in an upscale clothing store. DIY fashion fixes!