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For those wondering:it's the ruins of St-Etienne-le-Vieux a large medieval church destroyed in World War II. Next to Caen in France

Beelitz Heilstätten....abandoned military hospital berlin...amazing windows and light WASHINGTON – After years of denial, a trio of corporate consultants have finally admitted their role in a deadly 2007 coal mine collapse in Utah — though, for families of the victims, the victory is more of a moral than a monetary one.....Read more

Abandoned trailer and fallen rusted bycicle at Salton Sea Beach in Southern California

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22 Truly Stunning Shots of Abandoned Places

Ever wanted to know what the world will look like when we’re gone? Here it is.

Underwater cathedral!!! Who decided to build it there? Seriously? There's more jellyfish that attend the services there than people.

Church ruin in Norfolk, England, with a tree rising into mist, ivy on the walls, and Autumn leaves on the ground. Local myth has it that the nun who lived here was a witch with a wooden leg. After she died and was buried in the church, this tree began to grow from her grave, having sprouted from the wooden leg!

from Ghost Writer


Ghost Writer - Abandoned Chapel in France.

the music room | Flickr - Photo Sharing! the music room Another great find in the Indiana countryside: an abandoned schoolhouse, mostly boarded up but there was one window open into the basement level, that held this ghost of a piano, with records strewn all over the floor, under a bare light bulb. Amazing.