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Swedish Soldiers during a trench warfare exercise [2048x1152][OC]

Swedish MP exercise 1999 [2048x1342]

Iraqi Army soldiers on top of tracked APC with DShK heavy machine gun. Central Baghdad. January 30 2005. [1280x960] [OC]

British officers who were stationed in India often carried Indian royal pastimes to back to Europe with them. Here is one such gentleman seen posing with his trophy after a successful Tiger hunt in Italy [1024x794]

A Challenger 2 tank belonging to Royal Tank Regt kicks up dust during a live firing exercise in Canada [960x587]

One legged U.S Army Special Forces soldier in Afghanistan [829 x 829]

Indian soldier of the Free Indian Legion (Freies_Indien) attached to Waffen SS-troops mans an artillery piece; 1944 [800 x 559]

Turkish Army AH-1F Cobra attack helicopter provides cover for infantry during a training exercise [4289 x 2966]

Indian Army's Rajput Regiment marching during Republic Day parade in New Delhi; 2004 [3130 1772]

U.S. Army soldier firing an XM25 air burst grenade launcher also known as 'The Punisher'[4288 2848]