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Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman’s Total Body Workout

U.S. Black Widow Spider, poisonous and dangerous. (also upside-down) << This spider actually seems to be a Red Back spider with the markings on it's back. They're easily confused with Black Widows due to the extremely similar coloring. ~Riley Arachnid

[Image: Steve Rogers walking along the beach, carrying Natasha Romanoff piggyback; they’re both wearing swimsuits. Natasha’s eyes are closed and she’s smiling and resting her head on the back of Steve’s head.] illustratedkate: nat and steve are best friends! and you just know that nat loves steve a lot if she’s willing to be seen in public with him when he’s wearing this particular outfit

Avengers' Morning by SilasSamle on DeviantArt << we're not going to discuss how Bucky's shirt says "Winter's coming"!?!?<<< all their shirts are perfect