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Do this furious, non-stop SHOULDER & AB workout to build a flat core and defined arms. It exclusively features supersets to ignite fat, get your heart-thumping, and burn up your shoulders.

Strong is the New Skinny Campaign.... That's my girl Robyn on the Left...one hot and fit lady!! So proud of her!!

kickboxing Total-Body Exercise Kickboxing for women is a total-body exercise, according to AFPA. Kickboxing will work out the entire body and not just target areas. Kickboxing allows for women to strengthen, tone and reduce fat all at the same time. Since kickboxing is a total-body workout, women will also increase flexibility, burn calories, improve coordination and increase cardiovascular fitness.

You’re Right: Strong is the New Skinny, and It’s Not A Good Thing. #fitspiration #strongisthenewskinny

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