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from Go Khloe

Spell Box

Witchcraft - Spell P5 A “binding spell” is one intended to prevent harm, avoid danger, or to stop someone from performing particular acts (e.g. halting a murder, preventing a rape or even stopping the spread of gossip). A spell has a specific kind of formula, usually involving the use incantations, images and implements (sometimes called “charms” or “runes”) and a set of simultaneous actions, which are designed to gather magical power and direct it towards a specific purpose.

from Salon

A Southern Gothic legend is hard to find

Flannery O’Connor, “Whenever I’m asked why southern writers have a penchant for writing about freaks, I say it's because we're still able to recognize one.” Photo: Flannery in front of her self-portrait with a peacock / She died in 1964 from Lupus at age 39.

Even if you don't specifically use one of the things listed, it gets you thinking about the everyday problem-solving needed for a society to exist.

Grace Murray Hopper (12/9/1906- 1/1/92) was a mathematician and a pioneer in the use of computers in the military, particularly in the USN where she became the first woman to hold the rank of Rear Admiral. "Amazing Grace" was one of the inventors of the computer language "COBOL" and was the first person to use the word "bug" to describe an error in a computer program. Follow link for the rest of her interesting story.