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I have heard my cats name the other cats. More

The cougar, which is also commonly referred to as a puma, mountain lion or panther, is the second largest cat in North America. Unlike other big cats, however, the cougar cannot roar. Instead, the large feline purrs like a house cat. #english #englishlanguage #learnenglish #studyenglish #language #vocabulary #dictionary #englishlearning #vocab #animals #cougar #puma #mammals #cat #cats

Cheetahs can accelerate to freeway speeds in just a few strides. Their bodies are uniquely designed to run very fast for fairly short distances, allowing them to catch prey that other big cats can’t get.

One of my OCs is obsessed with cats. And all other animals. But she loves felines

Cheetohs are no longer just a snack food. The Cheetoh Cat is a hybrid of the Ocicat and the Bengal, and also has ties to the Asian Leopard. While the cats are less domesticated than other felines, this does not make them a poor pet. Cheetohs are loyal and affectionate cats that won't turn to aggression. Still, at weights between 15 and 23 pound, you should be ready to take in a big kitty. Credit: Flick User: pawsforportraits

Do you know what I think? Humans. They are bad luck. I am 100% done with hearing "cats are evil" or even other animals! No animal is evil. All animals have good hearts and we need to stop criticising them because of say the colour of their fur! Black cats! To me, on Friday the 13th, if I cross a black cat, I am the luckiest person on this earth- probably the universe. Animals can kill for survival and maybe once a cat or a dog may attack but that doesn't mean suddenly they're all bad! Humans…