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Truth is, I have severe social anxiety. If I initiate a conversation with you, know that it takes every ounce of courage I have

never talking about your feelings because the fear of anyone thinking of you as "dramatic" or an "attention seeker" haunts you.

I know this is about social anxiety, but if you think about it, it's also the way society treats people. Risk takers are often considered stupid, and people who play it safe are considered cowardly.

Tales from a girl with social anxiety.: How Zoloft helped me realize I was depressed, and ... More

Anxiety. A word that's overused by people who have no idea how impacting it can be on trying to have a normal fucken life.

Depression and anxiety symptoms often tend to overlap, especially in the older population, leading to an under-diagnosis of anxiety. However, treatment for the two disorders can be different - that's why it's important to accurately diagnose and assess these disorders in older adults.

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