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raymondoart: A quick little comic I made based on jacksepticeye ‘s tweet that was reblogged here…. I know he’s strong and can brush off any diss of negativity, but a hug or two wouldn’t hurt right? We all love you, Jack! ah, I’m such a touchy-feely person tonight >_< OH! and it’s the return of Jackaboy’s awesome cool sexy jacket!! It looks so cool on him!! therealjacksepticeye: Aw this is so awesome :O I love it, thank you so much!

(SPOILER FROM MARK OF ATHENA) But... really every body that has read or is currently reading Mark Of Athena knows that if Piper wouldn't have told Blackjack to knock out Percy, he would've driven sword right into Jason's heart because Percy already knocked him out. SOOOOOO........ Percy could have ACTUALLY killed Jason..... PERCY WINS!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

Not sure who some of the people are. I know Markiplier, RhettandLink, Jacksepticeye, and...uh, not really sure who else...heh.

You know Supernatural changed your life when... - Yep, saw Crowly on Doctor Who and was like, Doctor, stop him before he becomes the king of hell!

Took me 1 effed up relationship to figure out this shit.

Big Bloody Heroes. In this moment, in this episode, Crowley hit our boys right in their very foundation.

Every moment of every day with every person and every environment. It is exhausting, and when things are in a constant state of change, or people's moods are highly variable, I am just more exhausted.

I’m tired of meeting the same people in different bodies.

I know someone like this. Not only do feel their abandonment and betrayal, but also the abandonment and betrayal of their family of enablers who believe everything they are told!