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Mosin-nagant disassembled by ABiator

ABiator or Alexander is a digital artist from Ukraine and he has a wonderful collection of weapons digital art that we feature here today. - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Objects, Weapons by Fribly Editorial

Never walk   away from home   ahead of your axe and sword.   You can't feel a battle   in your bones   or foresee a fight.     - The Havamal

"Therefore, put on the whole armor of God" Sword of the spirit, shield of faith, breastplate of righteousness and the helmet of salvation. And the darts of the devil are quenched

Apache. Actual weapon from 1890s. SOOO COOL!

Wow, like a Swiss Army knife of weapons - Apache. Actual weapon from Definitely looks steampunk.

Madison Square Garden exploded view drawing, 1967.

Madison Square Garden may be just ten years away from demolition. Here's a view of the famous arena from a 1967 Popular Mechanics issue.

Speed up and simplify the pistol loading process  with the RAE Industries Magazine Loader. http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

caliber style assault rifle with a suppressor, a spade grip Eotech holographic sight, a 100 round drum magazine, a wide base, low clearance tripod mount.

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Early Century Combination warhammer, warpick, and six shot gun. The head contains five barrels, the muzzle is concealed by a hinged cover forming the edge of the hammer. Royal Armouries Collection, on display at the Tower of London. Probably German

The Confederate copy of a Colt Navy revolver manufactured by Samuel Griswold & Arvin Gunnison.  This revolver is number 1084 of approximately 3,600 revolvers made by Griswold and Gunnison during the War Between the States.        Samuel Griswold set up a cotton gin manufactory along the railroad nine miles south of Macon, Georgia in 1835.  Evidently, Sam was an enterprising man.  He added a foundry, planing mill, saw mill, gristmill, soap and candle factory and a post office, thus founding…

The Confederate copy of a Colt Navy revolver manufactured by Samuel Griswold…

Very little is known about this assault rifle other than its name.

Auto Rifles - Destiny: Auto rifles are high-powered automatic firearms. They usually have larger magazines than the other primary weapons, allowing you to miss a few shots.