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My kid is 7. Whenever I see a kid lonely on the playground I've taught mine to be the first one to go up, introduce himself, and invite the kid to play. I'm raising an anti bully.

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I freaking hate when teachers have a "participation grade". I have social anxiety and every time I see that, I freak out.

If I see one clown I am DARTING back inside. I don't care if it's a tiny toddler or eight year old girl. trust no one I will be DARTING inside

Sometimes I feel like grabbing something and cutting all my fat off

I don't see why girls think they have to cake it on. We all know you your warring makeup you don't have to make it more obvious.

undertale, sans, papyrus, pun, pasta

undertale, sans, papyrus, pun, pasta

These guys are literally James Potter and Sirius Black!

You can see what others don't. | "I've always been someone who looks too deep into something or someone. That's because I realized from a young age that there's always more than what meets the eye."