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Colbert on North Carolina

Renee Ellmers wants to know why Fort Bragg workers were laid off?? They were laid off because *she* and a bunch of other Tea Party extremists can't accept a law passed three years ago and held the government hostage over it. Does she not know what "government shutdown" means? Do NOT let her get away with this posturing: hold her accountable. From the Fayetteville Observer:

only worried about his own ass!

Really??? GOP gives Subsidies, Tax Cuts, Tax breaks, Tax Havens, Tax loopholes for the Rich...but not affordable college or health care for people!!!!

...this actually came out of her mouth. Michelle Bachman, everybody. One of the few people who could make Homer Simpson look like a rocket scientist.

That awkward moment when North Carolina republicans convert a bill to ban sharia law into a bill to oppress, shame and control American women.

VOTE THE GOP OUT! A motorcycle bill that's an anti-choice bill? Madness you say? Not in North Carolina. (Note: This is great, originally posted from @AlisonSmith81 on twitter, who's account now seems to have been suspended. Found through people at Carolina Abortion Fund).