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Yep. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can be motivated to climb to the top. But it's that look back that gives you strength to keep going.

My prayer request is that I am able to - My prayer request is that I am able to continue to support my three grandchildren that I gained custody of recently. I was already on a budget that I could hardly keep up with because I have a total of ten people living in my home and I can't get any food stamp assistance with my grandchildren. I had a vehicle that was paid for and I had the engine rebuilt but ultimately the person that worked on the car caused a fire and my car was totaled. I had…

Forgiveness is easy because it's only the first step. Trust has to be rebuilt. Rebuilding takes strength, perseverance, courage. it's a great deal of effort. So much easier to just say I forgive you and walk away feeling better about yourself

Praise the lord brother iam raj i would like to say - Praise the lord brother iam raj i would like to say my prayer request, sir i did a love marrage with hindu girl we got 8 years son she gave me divorce because i used to drink but i left all my bad habits but now her mom doesent wabt to send her daughter to me so pls pray for me and for my son so that we would become a family so iam pleasing to pray for the make us as a good family to live for god in this lent days iam praying to god to…

Putting proper grammar aside, they say that if an airplane looks good, it flies good, too. This image shows the clean lines of the NA-73 after it was rebuilt. Note that for some reason, the airplane’s striped tail has been touched out of the print. National Archives

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AD Revisits: Georgia O’Keeffe

“I haven’t anything you can get along without,” says the artist, explaining the austerity of her small bedroom, which was formerly a shed for two wagons. “This is my corner; you can’t have much less than this.” The rebuilt fireplace wards off the winter cold. Nearby, the hand from a Buddha statue is raised in abhaya mudra.

Bible Prophecy Blog A thief in the night...Thomas Ice

Confidence is not 'they will like me' it's 'I will be okay if they don't!' One of my favorite sayings and it completely and absolutely rings true to me. Especially as I post this #nomakeupselfie (unheard of for the old Lindsay! ). . So often we let FEAR stand in our way of doing what we want to do. We let the 'what-ifs' stop us from even TRYING. What if we just acknowledged that we may not know it all but what we have FAITH that we will FIGURE IT OUT!! . When I became a coachI was SO…

'eavesdroppers'; Hampton Court great hall - In Henry Vlll times, when Henry rebuilt the hall for Anne Boleyn, these were carved high up in the ceiling eaves of the great hall: little figures looking down; it's where we get the saying 'eavesdropper'.

"Never, Never Give Up!" quote by J.K. Rowling