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Thomas and I met back in 2013, and recently we have decided to get married. We have had a rough start ever since coming to SC with Tom's job and contractors. Family has helped us immensely The wedding date is set for May 13th in 2017 but we currently live in SC. Although SC is beautiful we are lo...

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Hi, I am Nasser Chihadih, a Petroleum engineer. I don't know how to start discussing my issue because I am embarrassed by it. I got myself into debt and gradually I got sucked into this whirlwind. I only used them to help my parents and brothers

I don't even know how to start this or how to word this. We are in desperate need of help in order to keep our daughter. I have started this as a fundraiser as I am no longer able to keep up with all the fees that have accumulated for our situation over the years. I will try to keep this short and...


Всем привет, кто зашёл на мою страницу. Я живу в городе Нефтекамск, а любовь всей моей жизни в другом городе. Познакомились мы с ней лет 8 назад, когда приезжал во время отпуска навещать своих родственников. Там и познакомила меня моя сестра с этим маленьким, милым и добрым ангелом и зовут её Диля.

Help us fulfilling our lifetime dream

My Husband ,who is disabled, was unplugging our lap top. He was getting ready to come to bed.   He was finishing up from our internet business. We show people how to suffice their income on the internet for free.   We do it at night,  because the internet is faster.   It was August 11, 2015  at 5:02