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Upraised Right Hand, with Palm Facing Outward: Study for Saint Peter, 1518/1520, Raffaello Sanzio, called Raphael

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The 11 Most Stunning Pieces In The Vatican Museum

'The Vatican: All The Paintings' Book Opens Up Religious Art Of The Vatican Museum | Raphael: Raphael Rooms, The School of Athens

Archangel Raphael #healing #angels #inspiration

Raphael drawing • Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (b. 1483 Mar28 or Apr6, d. 1520 Apr6) - Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance - forms trinity of great masters with contemporaries da Vinci + Michelangelo •

Portrait de Marie Antoinette Ferdinande d’Espagne, duchesse consort de Savoie, princesse du Piémont et reine consort de Sardaigne, tenant deux portraits miniatures des ses filles, les comtesse d'Artois et de Provence, après 1773 Anton Raphaël Mengs Détail

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Raphael, a master Renaissance painter

Raphael painting defiantly focus's on the two babes faces I mean look at there eyes were are they looking to? I really like this painting because it has character.