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Gleich um die Ecke in der Berggasse findet sich auf Nummer 14 das Tankai ( berichtete). Dort widmet sich Angelika Kaspurz der Fertigung von Taschen aus feinstem Leder.

100% TRUE. Every major haircut was closely followed by a life-changing event. I have no idea why that is, but it just is...

I have had constant struggles with diets. Someone mentioned the Paleo diet to me and after studying Paleo... It really made sense to me. I decided July 9th to just start and try it a month. I knew within 2 weeks this was a life changer for me. Within those 30 days I lost 14 lbs with NO exercise and never felt hungry! This included me going on a 7 day cruise in the middle of it. I feel better than I ever have and have energy I never knew existed without caffeine and sugar. Paleo is my new…

Serious about Life. Because, Christ gave it to me. Gonna live it as so & continue to grow in his will.

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