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The Teaberry Shuffle I saw Gary Vickerson eat an earthworm I found near a Checkerberry plant. Personally I preferred the Checkerberry. caption id=attachment_22563 align=alignright width=300 Checke

The Trick to Delicious Wintergreen Tea

If you've foraged wintergreen and used it to make wintergreen tea, you may have been disappointed. Here's how to get delicious flavor out of those leaves.

Wood Sorrel (Oxalis) Edible parts: It's a thirst quencher and is refreshing to eat. The leaves, flowers and immature green seed pods are all edible having a mild sour flavour that resembles lemons. It can be made into tea, added to salads, used in soups/sauces and used as a seasoning.

Weed Identification Guide

Weed Identification Guide from BHG! Because, even though the article is all about how to get rid of these weeds, you have a better idea.

The garden you never knew you had! [Permaculture gardeners welcome useful wild plants growing alongside cultivated ones!] This is a link to a page that talks about nine (so far) very common "weeds" that are also very edible and good for you! [