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Drew on her birthday in her dad's apartment. A little background on our favorite Mean Girl: Her family has very little money and her dad has to work multiple jobs in order to enroll Drew in school. He's always pressuring her to be the very best; NOTHING less will do and he gets furious when she "disappoints" him. Her father, unlike Piper's, knows exactly who Drew's mother is, but that only adds more strain on their relationship, b/c Mr. Tanaka feels Drew should be more like her mother, aka…

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40 Insanely Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings in winter

This is NOT a thinspo blog. This blog is NOT bashing thick women or implying that thin women have it worse. Because we're all beautiful, no matter what our size. That cliche said, none of the photos posted are mine unless otherwise stated. I also post...


If someone can fall asleep knowing you're crying, knowing you're hurting or didn't get home safe, they don't care for you.