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12 Inspirational Artworks For Philippine Independence Day • GoInspire.Me

12 Inspirational Artworks For Philippine Independence Day

Did you know that ancient Israelite priests would use certain Psalms during temple worship? Learn how Jacob’s priestly role supports the historicity and deep religiosity of the Book of Mormon. http://www.knowhy.bookofmormoncentral.org/content/why-does-jacob-quote-so-much-from-the-psalms  #Psalms #Temple #Messiah #Mormon #LDS #BookofMormon #Knowhy

The Kohen Gadol (High Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem) in his sacred vestments according to Exodus Church of the Immaculate Conception, Ballymote, Ireland.

I want these!!

*bounces in chair like happy little girl* I wanna Loki dress! I wanna iron man dress! I wanna hulk dress! I want all the dresses!

Powerful social issue ads #ads #print

Powerful social issue ads

Make Sure They're Safe,

Make Sure They're Safe The use of safety belts was, for a long time, optional! Here is a poster aimed at securing the younger travellers in the back of the car.

THE COFFEE MAKER, Alessi, Pirella Gottsche LOWE, Print, Outdoor, Ads

The Print Ad titled THE COFFEE MAKER was done by Lowe Pirella Milan advertising agency in Italy.

Free E-Magazine from KROMOTION

Free E-Magazine from KROMOTION