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Samsara Revolution: two new bases with finer sandy effect compared to traditional Samsara. Revolution because the new bases of Samsara can be applied by brush, trowel and roller for small areas. A single product, three choices of application, three effects gorgeous and different.

Marriage is and always has been a Pagan concept, it was adopted by Christians and many other religions. Christians did not invent it and they have no right to stop anyone getting married.

“Spinning their way with each step, two elderly pilgrims pick their way down from Hemis Gompa. The devout believe that each revolution of the scripture-filled copper wheels sends supplications heavenward.” Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie for National Geographic, March 1978.

More accurate quote: "To (every) man that is born, an axe is born in his mouth, by which the fool cuts himself when speaking bad language." -Buddha