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I like this list because there are 3 days off- which for me would be the days that I work. I am an RN and 12 hour shifts with 1 hr commute each way is NOT conducive to cleaning! Each of these days are totally doable without completely ruining my time off.

How to Refinish Furniture

Learn how to refinish furniture faster & easier - and without messy chemical strippers! Click here to download The Functional School Desks: Wonderful School Desk Design ~ Office Furniture Inspiration Click here to download * Click here to download

This is the most genius thing I have seen in a while!! Totally uses that dead space in the closet and keeps it really easily accessible... MUST DO!!

33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

The fastest way to pack a closet. This also keeps your clothes on their hangers, for much faster unpacking. Hang in closet when you arrive and tear off the bag and you are done! This would also work for off season storage.

How to Refinish Furniture

Wipe on mineral spirits. clean with ivory dish soap. Use gel stain. no need to strip the wood. l This is a truly superb, professional post!

Boulangerie French Bakery Vintage sign handpainted 36x9

Wall & Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks

Cure for Chronic Cracks - Some cracks keep coming back no matter how well you repair them. For those pesky recurring cracks, we prescribe Good-Bye Cracks. It forms an elastic film that stretches and contracts along with the crack. It works best on hairline cracks, but it's worth a try on wider cracks too. Start by cleaning loose material out of the crack and fill it with joint compound. Then spray on two to three light coats of Good-Bye Cracks. The film isn't sandable, so a smooth, even…