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Western Kingbird, eastern North America.

American Goldfinch Habitat: Open areas like yards, fields, fencerows and groves. Diet: Seeds and berries. Backyard Favorites: Supply nyjer (thistle) in a tube feeder with multiple ports, or in a nylon stocking.

How to attract bluebirds to your garden


Winter Cardinals

The Cardinal, the state bird of Indiana. - **** Brought to you by the Attica Heritage Days Festival, celebrating the people and history of Attica, Indiana, held annually on the third Saturday of September, in downtown Attica. -

Bluebird On Branch - one of my fave North American birds.

The Eastern Rosella. (Australia) They are brightly coloured and easily identified by their red head with a white cheek and yellow breast. from David Klienert Photography

Just saw one of these beauties outside the kitchen window. ...beautiful contrast against the green grass

Plants in the dill and mustard family attract many beneficial insects and pollinators, as well as birds to feast on them

Eastern Rosella, south-eastern Australia ,Tasmania.