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EASTERN KINGBIRD....I raised one of these when it fell from the nest. It still had a piece of shell stuck on its head! BEAUTIFUL bird it was!

ASTERN KINGBIRD Tyrannus tyrannus Bird Spotting: With a black head, back, and wings, and white on the tip of the tail, chest, and belly, the eastern kingbird would look like a black and white photo were it not for the occasional uncovering of a spot of red, orange or yellow feathers in the middle of its crown. This bird is known for its upright posture.

Tuesday morning, June 24, at Freetown Fall River State Forest, birding guide Lynn Abbey lead a group of enthusiastic beginners and advanced beginners along the Edmund House Trail to the highest elevation in the park, a beautiful location ideal for birding. A while ago, a fire cleared much of the area, making room for new growth. Bare tree branched provided perfect perches for perching birds, including the Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus) featured in the video.

Pokeweed or Phytolacca americana berries are an important food source for wild life. American Robin, Northern Mockingbird, Mourning Dove, Gray Catbird, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Great-crested Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbird, Eastern Phoebe, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, European Starling, Brown Thrasher, Cedar Waxwing, Red Fox, Virginia Opossum, Raccoon, and White-footed Mouse all eat the berries.

Eastern Kingbird - The Kingbird is one of the Tyrant Flycatchers, Tyrannidae­America’s largest bird family – 365 different species. But this feathered gadfly is less a tyrant than a foe of tyranny, for he strikes like a guided missile at any larger winged creature that violates his airspace. Hawks, crows, owls, vultures, even eagles – all have played Goliath to his David, and he protects many a chicken-yard from surprise attack.

Great-crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus) is a large insect-eating bird of the tyrant flycatcher family. It is the most widespread member of the genus, Myiarchus, in North America and is found over most of the eastern and mid-western portions of the continent... by Kevin Hall

Eastern Kingbird (very vocal and energetic bird, usually easy to find. Sometimes chases hawks & other birds larger than itself)