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Saying "NO!" to your kids all the time?? Try THIS instead!

Saying "NO!" to your kids all the time?? Try THIS instead! — Smart Cookie LA

how to limit kids' screen time by offering unlimited screen time - after this list of rules is met!

from The Soccer Mom Blog

The Positive Alternative to Time Out That WORKS

An effective alternative to time out, "time to yourself" helps kids deal with social stress, learn positive coping behavior and self-regulation.

from The Purposeful Mom

How to Structure Quiet Time for Older Kids

How to structure quiet time for kids once they've grown out of naps!

from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Parenting the Connected Generation

Are you sticking to the 2 hour per day of tech time for kids (ages 6-18)? Encourage Activities before Technology. "How to Earn Technology Time" - Free Printable #smartmarch

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5 Simple Tips for stress-free Homework Time

Yo ayudo mi primita con su tarea.

Before we can get to the business of helping our children develop a quiet time, we need to teach them a few things. These three tips will keep them from buying into the guilt and empower them to succeed in this crucial habit.

from Creative Home Keeper

10 Things I Want My Kids to See Me Doing Daily

Motherhood is hard but so rewarding. There are ups and downs to our days pouring into and loving our kids. To make sure we are being intentional with our time, it's important to sit down and think through a list of things we want our kids to see us doing on a daily basis. These are the best lessons we can teach our children.

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52 Ways to bond with your kids this year

As the New Year approaches, you might have it on your mind to spend more time with your children. Knowing how to bond with your children isn’t always obvious, and can take some practice. This is where I fail tend to not get it right. I am a Mom, but I’m not perfect. This year …

Another way to connect with your children rather than time outs for "bad behavior". Maybe they'd like the "calm-down basket".