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My mother is the one person who provided me with the necessary materials I needed to improve my literacy skills as well as improve the skills by reading to me and helping me read. She also improved my grammar and helped us write.

Every summer the local library had a Summer reading program for the kids and every summer my mom encouraged my siblings and I to sign up. The program made me read a certain number of hours and for every section I completed I got a prize from the library. That was one thing that really improved my literacy skills because I kept my mind working during the summer by reading books I did not have to read but I wanted to.

My mom was the one person to always fix my siblings and I's grammar. Sometimes, actually most of the time, it was annoying but now that I am older I am glad she corrected us. I remember she would always correct me when I said, "you was..." even though I used to say it nonstop my mom finally got it through my head that it was incorrect and now I make fun of people who say it and fix them as soon as they say it.

This book I remember specifically asking my mom to read to me all year round, which she always found odd because it is a halloween book. I loved this book because it was very interactive and my sister and I always had a competition for who could find the picture first.

This was another one of the Sesame Street books that we owned and still have. I kept all of the books that really intrigued me when I was little so that someday my children could get the same experience that I had with my mother.

This book was one of the bed time stories my mom would read to my sister and I. When I first received the book, my mom would read it to us but after a few months I was able to read it, partially through memorization and partially because I was learning to read in school. This became my favorite book to read before bed because it was the first one I could actually read rather than depending on my mother.

This was a book my mom bought for my sister and I from the store one day when we were shopping. I loved the illustrations in this book and this is one of the few I still have.

My sister and I had a very large collection of Sesame Street books and we liked when our mother read these to us because the pictures always intrigued us.

My mom never said no when my sisters, my brother, and I asked to go to the library. She would take us as many times as we wanted and always let us get as many books as we wanted. She even allowed us to get our own library cards which made us feel very special and responsible.