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Conscious Eating

Slow down. Savor every bite of your food. Eat consciously. Be mindful, and pay attention to the distinct flavors, textures, and nuances of your meal. These are all important steps in achieving a #healthy #diet. http://www.organicauthority.com/a-healthy-diet-starts-with-slower-chewing-do-you-need-a-smart-fork/

Herbal Energetics in Clinical Practice: An Energetic Model in Applying the Healing Tastes for Western Herbalism | Herbalism | Body

Conscious eating is a great way of using food and diet to heal your relationship with your body. It's self-loving!

There are some habits we know are good for us (exercising, healthy eating) but we never seem to be able to stick to them. The solution is conscious living.

One of the most important (and often over-looked) ways that we can support ourselves on the spiritual journey is by eating consciously. Eating is not just about food… it’s about energy. That energy has the power to heal and reconnect us to the universal flow.

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