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A wild light came into Frodo's eyes. "Stand away! Don't touch me!" he cried. "It is mine, I say. Be off!" His hand strayed to his sword-hilt. But then quickly his voice changed. "No, no, Sam," he said sadly. "But you must understand. It is my burden, and no one else can bear it. It is too late now, Sam dear. You can't help me in that way again. I am almost in its power now. I could not give it up, and if you tried to take it, I should go mad."

"Tell me that story about Frodo and the ring!" "But your leaving out the best character! Samwise the brave! I want to know more about Sam! Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without Sam!" "Know mr. Frodo I was being serous!" "So was I Sam."

Lord of the Rings - Behind the Scenes - Imgur