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Explore Calcite Black, Black Tourmaline and more!

This baby is so cool. A large chunk of Black Tourmaline with Pyrite and Calcite. BLACK TOURMALINE is one of the most protective stones out there. It wards against negative or dark energy and can even pretty against black magic. PYRITE gives power and courage. CALCITE neutralizes tension, stress and negativity. ✨MESSAGE TO PIRCHASE✨

Adoring these pyrite chunks on The Road Shop! I'm a pyrite fan period, but it's one of those stones that has huge energy variations. These little babies are cock full of power. Pyrite is traditionally used as a talisman of protection and carrier of power. All Road Shop items come cleansed, blessed and treated with Reiki AND receive a free priority sipping upgrade. ✨ Shop link in profile!

RARE Tumbled Fire Agate, Connection to the Earth, Inner fires of life, Lower Chakras

This listing is for one tumbled 1 Fire Agate. Fire Agate is a stone that has a deep connection to the earth. It’s energy is calming and brings