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caring - Rose quartz has a strong connection to tenderness and affection. In a reconstructed version, the soft shade of pink inspires a feeling of gentleness and caring. According to ancient beliefs, rose quartz has strong healing powers and the power to promote forgiveness and heal relationships. Its soft hues of pink has also linked it to gentle love and feelings of care.

loyalty - The cool and tranquil aquamarine gem is said to have a soothing influence on relationships, promoting loyalty and encouraging a long and happy partnership or friendship. Meaning “seawater” in Latin, the cool, peaceful Aquamarine gem is a powerful influencer in relationships, spreading a peace of mind that manifests itself in feelings of trust and togetherness. Honesty and uprightness are also linked to the gem, making it perfect for encouraging strong partnerships and friendships.

love - A delicate and romantic pink colour with a highly decorative mottled surface. The rose pink moonstone is known to bring success in relationships and to possess the ability to reunite quarreling lovers. It’s a relatively personal stone, perfect for making peace with oneself and inspiring tender and caring feelings in relationships. Affection pervades the delicate and romantic pink colours of the stone.