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White Buffalo Calf Woman Candle

White Buffalo Calf Woman Candle.jpg

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Pendant Necklace Tan Cream Native American Art High Quality Handmade Silver Copper Pendant - White Buffalo Calf Woman (078)

Pendant Native American Art White Buffalo Calf Woman High by ImagineDeep, $10.98

White Buffalo Calf Woman. Native American Jewelry. Larimar Necklace and Ammonite Fossil Jewelry by SophiasDreaming

I painted 12 cornstalks in correlation to The 12 feathers on the pipe to represent The 12 TRIBES of israel/Abraham. The sprouting corn represents the descendants/offspring. I have heard that this is what the Authentic pipe looks like. Clay with a small buffalo calf on the bowl for the masculinepart and the long wooden pipe for the feminine part. She brought this to the tribe she visited to teach them balance of their two sides and how to pray to the 7 directions. by Sophia Rose

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Dye Painting Print on Mat Board - Free Shipping USA

White Buffalo Calf Woman Painting by Marcia Corbett.jpg Day 10 of ReikiShamanic energy healing for animals. MarciaCorbett created this beautiful painting inspired by experiences with the BuffaloBlanket and whitebuffaloNima at A Walk on the Wild Side 2013 at EarthfireInstitute. Painting symbolism is derived from the designs in the BuffaloBlanket and shamanicguidance from our allies. The message of hope for healing the rift between the people,land,animals through renewed sacred connections.