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Yep, thats me only i don't make gemsonas i just love what Sugar gives us :) ALL HAIL LORD REBECCA SUGAR

Steven Universe Comp I had to re-upload the comp to the channel

five nights at freddy memes | Five Nights @ Freddy's In A Nutshell

Five Nights At Freddy's in a nutshell, literally this is me when I play that game.

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Being an INFJ – Mini Infographic

Infj- highest in marital dissatisfaction? now that scares me. ^^^ me too

Gravity Falls by AriaSyron-TallJake - One does not simply watch Gravity Falls without becoming obsessed - Disney

so freaking true! after the first one i watched i was hooked! They do this with all series

Stubborn : Down to earth : Patient and careful : Humorous : Disciplined : Pretty : Smart : Loves being in long relationships : Ambitious : Cool under fire : A very pleasing person to meet

Qualities of a Capricorn! This is who I am, but PLEASE don't take the kindness for weakness! You will BE a fool! But this pretty much sums me up!

five nights at freddy's funny - Google Search

Your face when you see your mother baking cookies. Doesn't chica like pizza? Five Nights at Freddy's Meme