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Flying raptor sit how they want to sit!


Something worse.

Her memories flooded in his mind. He expected good happy ones except he found horrible ones. Ones of blood and scars. She was sold for her skill in battle. He promised to protect the little girl through battle and from predators (people) who wished harm upon her. He shielded her mind and gave her advise. He grown to love her like a father knowing he'd always be there for her and when she needed.

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The all-known "you are an idiot and yet I have to keep smiling" look

"Every woman is a revel, and usually in wild revolt against herself -"Oscar Wilde

SOME LITTLE FRESHMAN BOY SAID THIS TO ME BECAUSE HE KEPT PISSING ME OFF and literally all I wanted to do was beat his little face so he had a period of his own coming from his nose

Annabeth Chase and Rachel Elizabeth Dare fighting over Percy Jackson

I'm a cop on patrol, looking for actual clowns. I'm being paid to hunt clowns. What