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Paul and Heidi entered Trier, Germany, through the ancient Porta Nigra. Trier was their last stop before getting out of Germany in Friends & Enemies.

Memorial in London

"T/Sgt Charles A. Barbier of Wallace, La., checking gun mount bolt on a B-17, waves to M/Sgt. George Grose of Tallahassee, Fla., as he rides by on unicycle."

Heidi and Rachel were best friends while the Steinhorsts lived in Milwaukee in Friends & Enemies.

The doors to Florence's Baptistry. Called by Michelangelo, "The Gates of Paradise". Definitely worth reading and learning more about. Click on the link.

Charlie Lunn and cadets aboard a navigational in-flight trainer. Charlie is one of the few actual people whose name appears in Friends & Enemies.

Trier, Germany, hadn't yet been bombed when Paul and Heidi arrived after traveling along the Mosel River. The Porta Nigra is in the distance.

After her husband's death, Heidi finds new meaning in life by caring for evacuated children in Friends & Enemies.

Novel Friends Enemies

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