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two 12oz cups or 680 grams chemex – 6 cup filters, burr grinder, pouring kettle, digital scale, timer dose: 72 grams grind: drip-fine ice: 180 grams water: 675 grams 201-205° F brew time: 5-6 minutes …

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Chemex Brewing Guide

Your soon-to-be favorite way to brew coffee! Chemex coffee is so smooth, you'll be just as obsessed with it as I am!

Brewover 3 in 1 coffee brewing device bringing fresh specialty coffee to everyone! Control flow pour over and cold brew coffee maker.

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How to find the right coffee roast for you

From the light-bodied and mild flavors of a Starbucks® Blonde roast to the deep intensity of a Starbucks® Dark roast, we believe in roasting each bean to its peak flavor. Learn how to choose the right coffee roast for you.