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French Braid -  k i know how to french braid, but have never thought of the rubberband!! the top section always poofs up

French Braid - never though of doing a small ponytail to start with

The Classic French Braid Tutorial.I've never thought of using a rubberband at the top! I wonder if the rubberband at the top will help?

Step 1 – Part your hair – I did mine on the side but this style is also cute with a centre part.  Step 2 – Take a section at the front and split into three.  Step 3 – Plait together in a French braid, bringing the sections in from underneath.  Step 4 – Braid in section from the top only, leaving the rest of your hair to hang down under the braid.  Step 5 – Finish the first side in a plait and secure with an elastic.  Step 6 – repeat steps 2-5 on the other side.  Step 7 – Tie the two sides…

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45 Step by Step Hair Tutorials For The Beauties In Town

I've been struggling with an inside out french braid and can't get it. Finally step by step :) Hunger Games Hairstyle Tutorial

Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes. See tutorial.

Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes

Every time I wear my hair up to work this is how I do it. Simple instructions, its not hard and looks awesome. Actually had a doctor ask me the other day if someone does my hair in the morning or if I taught my husband how to do it for me.

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Upside down Braid to ponytail. Finally found an easy way to do an upside down braid.