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Beauty Unveiling Herself DescriptionPainting; portrait of a beautiful lady unveiling herself while dancing. The lady, gazing towards the ground, clutches her veil with both arms extended, revealing the lines and contours of the veil's fabric. A strand of beads hangs around her neck, while a sash is tied around both her waist and head. Void background. No inscription. Painted in gouache on paper. More School/styleIsfahan School Culture/periodPersian Date17thC

Portrait of Muhammad Khan Shaibani, the Uzbek (d.1510), 16th century. Islamic; present-day Uzbekistan, Bukhara. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Cora Timken Burnett Collection of Persian Miniatures and Other Persian Art Objects, Bequest of Cora Timken Burnett, 1956 (57.51.29) | This painting, considered a portrait of the Shaibanid ruler Muhammad Khan, surrounds its subject with the accoutrements of culture—ink pots, pen cases, and books. #mustache #movember

نگاره جوان به شیوه دوره صفوی، سده 19 یا 20 ترسایی، دو نوشته با دو مرکب و دو رسم الخط در پایین (یکی از شاهزادگان چین سنه 1025) و (مهدی الامامی)، 44.5 در 29.2 سانتیمتر، حراجی کریستی A PORTRAIT OF A PERSIAN YOUTH SIGNED MAHDI AL-IMAMI, IRAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY Opaque pigments heightened with gold on paper, in the Safavid revival style, the subject kneeling in a garden, reading a manuscript, wearing an intricate white turban and light blue tunic over a yellow shirt, a tray with bottles and vases…

from The Morgan Library & Museum

A Sun-bearing Peri Rides a Composite Lion

The Morgan Library & Museum Online Exhibitions - Treasures of Islamic Manuscript Painting from the Morgan - A Sun-bearing Peri Rides a Compo...

More evidence for a backless choli Folio from the Ramayana of Valmiki (The Freer Ramayana), Vol. 1, folio 99; recto: text; verso: The women of the harem mourn Dasaratha's death 1597-1605 Shyam Sundar , (Indian, Mughal dynasty Opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper H: 25.3 W: 13.9 cm Northern India F1907.271.99

Sinking ship diorama - Imgur

Moajam al Koran « Urdu Books, Latest Digests, magazines Moajam al Koran by Doctor Ghulam Jilani Barq, about the Koranic names, words and cities. It is the first book in Urdu literature which deals with the names, cities and words of Koran in detail, as well as this book is also the first book in all other languages like Arabic and Persian which deals with the subject cited above, in simple words it is a dictionary of Koran. Mojama al Koran, this book deals with all the names, places…