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Brown Matte Smokey Eye Tutorial is up on my youtube channel:

then why don't you men shave since it's not "useful or wanted"? < well written my fren

Ezra Miller talking about his Fantastic Beasts’ haircut

Ok I'm gonna be hinest right now I lied about being 16 I'm actually 1602... My mom had me along time ago and my dad died 1598 years ago... Not 6 months ago... I'm sorry I lied I just it's hard to tell the truth when all anyone ever tells you is lies.. I just tell people I'm mostly human so people don't freak out but it's just not the truth... It's hard telling people I knew there ancestors...

"i want to find love.." she admitted. "but?" he prompted. she glared at him through her long, unkept frindge "but my hair smells of war and my eyes gleam of betrayal" she snarled.



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