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. So after all my years of failure of getting it wrong before getting it right here's what I know... . No matter how good or bad your life is right now you're better than this! You won't always win and some days you're going to lose out big time but every time you lose you get better. . Everyday you can be a better person than you was yesterday. And everyone has the ability the gift to make someone's day better. Try it experiment just for today! Ask someone how they're doing how they're…

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17 Uplifting And Pure Images Guaranteed To Make You Smile

This is awesome 👌 I hate it when guys are ashamed that their wife or girlfriend has a better job or makes more money.. Like dude, be happy for her

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When I'm feeling tension or pain, I am training myself to in that moment ask myself "what is this teaching you? what are you here to learn?" Then the pain becomes the good kind - the kind that makes your muscles stronger or boosts stamina, instead of the kind that brings you down and tears you apart.

#quoted #quotes #kindness Pretty true that cruelty is very repulsive. However, it is not cruel to leave someone who has been mean to you (or if he's caused harm to many others).