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INF 103 Week 3 Discussion 1 Ubiquitous Computing and Your Privacy MySpace, Facebook, email, and collaborative sites for both work and leisure are a norm on the net these days. But did you know all of… (More)

Select at least four bilingual programs and describe the types of student that would benefit most from each type of bilingual program. What are the student characteristics that make them amenable to a specific type of… (More)

Week 1 - Discussion 1 Political Compass Visit The Political Compass - Test and take the questionnaire. In a minimum of 150-200 words, discuss your results. Did they match what you would have guessed your political… (More)

INF 103 Week 2 Assignment 1 Using Microsoft Word Review the following Microsoft Word Basic Training Tutorials and work on practice sessions associated with the tutorials. Word 2010: Create your first Word document I Word 2010:… (More)

Goal-Setting Framework. The first of six steps of performance management consists of goal setting, as detailed in Chapter Three. Assume that you work for the Los Angeles Tribune, a large but struggling newspaper publisher with distribution… (More)

INF 103 Week 4 Discussion 1 Social Web and You Would you be surprised if I told you that: The fastest growth for any age group on Facebook is 35-55 YouTube is one of the largest… (More)

Week Two Problems Complete the following problems from Chapters 12 & 13 and submit to the instructor by the end of Day 7. These problems will be graded for accuracy. Problems: 12-16, 12-17, 13-23.

Research Topic. Once your research topic has been approved by your instructor, write a three- to five-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) and discuss what aspect(s) of your chosen topic interests you most. Write three… (More)

Final Project Submit the Final Project. The final project should be eight pages in length and include a bibliography of all resources used. This paper will be a research project on a topic chosen by the… (More)

INF336 / INF 336 / Week 5 Assignment Research Purchasing and Supply Management