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Keep up that Holier than Thou BS if it keeps you moving in the right direction sweetie: Away from here!

This is Laura Leigh Brady... thanx "A" for telling me about her post and bored all about me.. she takes the time to keep her tabs on me.. on pinterest.. on Facebook... instagram... blogspot... she truely is a stalker.

Home wrecking whore. Yuly Almeida in Tampa FL has NO boundaries! Doesn't know meaning of word!!! Slut!!!

Well this congrats is early since still no one wants you. Just a thought: Maybe if you'd stop spending all your time, money and vacation chasing married men around you could find someone of your own? Just a thought...

Clearly!!!! Always have been & always will be!!! You don't want to be better for anyone else let alone yourself!!! It's so sad.... and yet you deserve every minute of it!!!

Im not saying your a man whore... but - your penis should probably stay wrapped in a biohazard bag. well you told me you are 'always' safe. but never confirmed using condoms. guess that means you pulled out? that would explain why you were scratching your crotch a lot in wonder you demanded a round of zpak from your doctor.

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