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Today I found this click beetle inside my BiOrbAir terrarium! This is the third time I have spotted an insect inside this terrarium in less than a week! This is Ampedus balteatus, a fairly common click beetle, that can readily be found in England and Wales. I've yet to catch this beetle - so far he's been too fast for me, as soon as I am able to catch him, I will release the beetle outdoors.

Ampedus balteatus, a click beetle, as pictured inside my BiOrbAir terrarium on the 16th February 2016.

12th July 2015 - Today I found a beetle in my BiOrbAir. Thankfully he was easy to catch and release outside.

I also spotted this insect inside my BiOrbAir terrarium on the 12th February 2016. I couldn't see clearly what insect it was, it looked a fraction too large for a springtail, but I could be wrong and it could very well be a springtail.

Here you can see a tiny pollen beetle, a Meligethes species, crawling over a Lathyrus odoratus 'John Gray' bloom.

Here's another photograph of the grasshopper nymph. I am guessing that he's a Bush Cricket. Grasshopper nymphs usually emerge around May or June time. I found this one inside my BiOrbAir terrarium on the 12th February 2016. The Nymph remained inside the terrarium until today, 13th February 2016, when he was placed outside in the garden.

I found this grasshopper nymph inside my BiOrbAir terrarium on the 12th February 2016!

A view from another angle inside my BiOrbAir terrarium. Pictured on 8th December 2015.