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Taking chances. Here is @justincox205 taking his. Video link in my bio. @camp4collective @ironandair @biltwell @kvnbnntt by aaronbhall

Switzerland-D7100 Went out yesterday for a little hour taking a few shots. Here a result of the shots taking of myself by myself HOPE YOUR WEEK START WAS GOOD Show your support & visit : @Super_Switzerland @Super_Europe visit @SuperHubs (@Paninaro_01 @Princely_bw @Princely_Shotz @SuperHubs_Shot) by carim83

Basel-Switzerland Chilling in Basel while I finished taking pics for a friends wedding. The area is quite nice going again tonight leading a little workshop. Will see what will come out of this ITS FRIDAY FOLKS WKEND IS JUST AHEAD Visit and support : @super_europe @super_Switzerland For great shots of Europe and Switzerland visit @SuperHubs (@NadaKhouryy @Paninaro_01 @Princely_Bw @Super_Switzerland) by carim83

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by @aaronbhall chosen by @fabiooliveira | follow us and use #lifeofadventure affiliated with @superhubs #shxxx_hub (@NadaKhouryy @Paninaro_01 @Princely_BW @Super_Spain_) by livefolk

by @celticore Van Harte! We love Olaf's art but now we want you all to enjoy his jump for joy greatly captured by Alex!! See how nifty even his jacket flies you GOooooo @_thisisolaf_ Be sure to visit our winners gallery! Follow & Tag #Super_Holland Adm @spuijphoto Adm @marcokrebaum Adm @leinsview Mod @reezyard Mod @kittekat69 Mod @stella_b67 Ambassador @lisetteoptexel Manager @jamjammal Founder @carlos_koji Visit @superhubs (@paninaro_01 @nadakhouryy @moe_ibrik…

Feel free to follow @the_opengallery by @tomagarnier Félicitations chosen by @sohakouraytem @reginesemaan #Super_France #SHxxx_Hub Team mod @reginesemaan ambassador @sohakouraytem coord @lisetteoptexel chief @jamjammal founder @carlos_koji visit @superhubs (@roulachehab @ptk_sky @paninaro_01 @super_lisboa) by super_france

by @daniella_thijssen ᐯᗩᑎ ᕼᗩᖇTE congratulations! おめでとうございます! Super Tag #Super_Holland chosen by @lisetteoptexel & @marcel_moonen #SHxxx_Hub Team Mod @spuijphoto Mod @marcel_moonen Mod @marcokrebaum Mod @lies_bet Mod @majojettie Mod @frits73 ambassador @lisetteoptexel manager @jamjammal founder @carlos_koji Visit @superhubs (@Paninaro_01 @Princely_bw @Princely_Shotz @SuperHubs_Shot) by super_holland