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"And my soul rejoices in her smile, a broad smile and human, as the applause of a crowd" (Fernando Perssoa)

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jasmin on

Literally me when someone says 'I don't like MJ' 'He wanted to be white, he bleached his skin' 'He had so many plastic surgeries' 'He was a pedo', lol bitch please 😂🖕

My awesome Michael receiving lots of awards again. He deserves every single one! He works so hard just to get his messages across. I hope lots of people are doing their best to help heal the world.

Is this too deep for the intro? If so I'll find another use, but just in case it's perfect, let me introduce... Laughing is addictive. Different is attractive. State of mind, no taxes. Rome,London,Paris,Barcelona,Amsterdam,Toronto. ♊