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This reminds me of my late Grandma who always had me help her snap beans on her porch for dinner that night. Happy memories! Jill Pritchett, Professional Watercolorist & Author. "Memories of Granny's Hands". ☀CQ, I absolutely love this!!

Smells of childhood (Thank you for this beautiful pin. I took a small trip back to my childhood. My family members, who are no longer here, came to mind and it felt wonderful. These are things I will always remember.)

♡ Such memories, I loved making pot holder's with this loom, I would spend hour's till my fingers were sore! :) lol ♡

drive - in restaurants with carhops. Mom used to take us to Sydney's Drive-In in Woflin Village in Amarillo when we were kids in the fifties. Dad would take us to A Rootbeer stand for root beer floats. And this is why I go to Sonic as often as possible!

My 1940 Ford had 3 on the tree, wipers that worked on compression, moleskin head liners & mohair seats! (wg)

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