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This picture is the best! lol I can't help but laugh everytime I look at it lol

They're giving me ideas ;) Watch out, family! Next Christmas'll be interesting.

Black veil brides-- awwe Andy.. Batman is real... wait, isnt he? ASHLEY ARE YOU…

Yeah.. people were scared of me cause of me cause of my BVB shirt, and pulled their little kids closer to them and held their hands till they got past me. it sorta hurt but was sorta funny.<<a lot of people are to say the truth.

Hahaha hahaha!!!! I don't have time for a boyfriend!!!!!! My schedule is packed!!!! Monday: black Veil Brides Tuesday: Black Veil Brides........ Everyday is Black Veil Brides day!!!!

Black veil brides, I thought you might enjoy this @Gracia Gomez-Cortazar Bigelow

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