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Hos Tavern, 1912

Hos Tavern, 1912

In the pre-refrigerator 1940's the iceman delivered ice right to our homes.

when I was very small, we did not have a refridgerator but we had an ice box. The ice man delivered ice to our house and would let all the children have ice chips. We thought that was such a treat

The iceman ....brought a chunk of ice and it went into the ice-box...which had a drip tray underneath for the melted ice...remembering to empty it wasn't always successful

One of my grandmothers had an Ice box, the old name for refrigerator.The iceman brought a chunk of ice and it went into the ice-box.which had a drip tray underneath for the melted ice (I remember this!

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The Ice Cream Man is here! Vintage Ladybird Books 'Happy Holiday' (Peter and Jane) by Larking

Milk men are cool

getting milk delivered by the milkman from the local dairy. He came twice a week with his mild crate and pick up the empty bottles, leaving fresh, ice cold milk and orange juice.

I remember the kids would scream when the ice cream man would get close by. Everyone from the neighborhood would come running. Oh how I miss those times.

The ice cream man. Hear that jingly music of the truck coming slowly down the street and all the kids would run out to greet the ice cream man.